About Antosia Fiedur

Antosia Fiedur is a Canadian photographer based in downtown Toronto. Her interest in photography was born out of her love of faces, emotion and visual storytelling. Experienced in making both women and men look and feel attractive and magnetic, Antosia has successfully turned her interest in human expression into an ever-evolving photography career.

Why I do What I do

“I love shooting actors headshots because actors are so dedicated, fun and passionate
and I feel honored to help them with their careers!
Not only am I a photographer, but I’m an actor too.
And trust me, I know what it’s like to go to an agent or casting director with a bad headshot.
You dedicate your every waking moment to working on your acting career….
only to have someone tell you that you look nothing like your headshot.
So embarrassing!
Or even worse, you never hear from them
because your headshot isn’t compelling enough to make them want to meet with you.
That’s why I’ve spent years studying what makes a good headshot.
I interned at a busy Hollywood casting office that got 100’s sometimes 1000’s of submissions for one role,
And learned tricks and methods to making actor’s headshots stand out in a crowd.
I know what it takes to stand out and I want to help you do that.
I want your true personality to shine through so that you get called in for more auditions
AND so that you get called in for the RIGHT auditions.”

What Casting Directors Are Saying

“Antosia is able to capture actors in a natural, real, and enchanting way, and to allow us to really see them, to get to really know them through a photograph. She combines artistry with access, something extremely special. I highly recommend her as a headshot photographer!”
-Risa Bramon Garcia, LA Director & Casting Director
Masters of Sex, Rosanne, True Romance, Speed, Natural Born Killers, Born on the Fourth of July, Talk Radio, Desparately Seeking Susan, Benny & Joon, The Joy Luck Club, CSI:NY

“Hey Antosia – I think your photo’s are FANTASTIC! Your headshots are beautiful and perfect and I mean that sincerely. All that I have seen on your website are first rate, top notch. cant say enough good about them.”
-Carmen Kotyk, Gemini Award Winning Casting Director
The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, Corner Gas: The Movie, Sunnyside, A Dog Named Christmas

What Actors Are Saying

“With her shots I landed my first agent and booked a play, as well as a print job that cast off headshot alone. I highly recommend her!”
Sarah Winstanley
“Many friends wanted to know who took my headshots and I gladly sent them in her direction.”
Eve Hutt
“I’ve been receiving more auditions than I have last year and I strongly believe that it is because of my headshots!”
-Lena Burmenko

Actor’s Headshot Session

Thorough . Competitive . Customized

Preparation Materials
100 Unretouched Headshots
4 Retouched & Framed Headshots
Unlimited Looks
2 hours
Portrait Studio

What Actors Are Saying

“The number of auditions I have gotten since my session has almost doubled and I have received great feedback on my photos and their quality.”
Lisa-Marie Carlson
“On more than one occasion I’ve had my headshot held up as an example of an “excellent headshot” by casting directors and acting coaches – both Canadian and American. Most importantly I repeatedly get called in to audition for major productions when I submit my headshot.”
Natalia Longley
“Every time people see my headshots, they comment on how my personality truly comes through and want to know who did them for me!”
-Aisha Alfa

Let’s Talk Headshots!

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